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Environment variables

In the user folder. Profile sets all these variables.For example, you must manually run the script periodically.  If the path is long, the script easier to prescribe the folder path with the script in the variable $ PATH.

<PATH = «/home/<user>/bin: $PATH»>, which adds to the top of the variable another way.

Convenient to add aliases to reduce the commands:
alias ll = 'ls-la'

Typing the current environment variables:

Where —

PATH path to search for programs — the list of directories separated by colons
PROMPT, prompt,  PS1 shell prompt type
DISPLAY Name Display for the X-program
TERM The terminal type
EDITOR text editor, which will use the program mc, vipw, crontab, etc. instead of vi
PAGER program text files, which will use the command man, apropos, etc. (A Linux man and apropos default to using /usr/bin/less-is
HOME* user's home directory
USER* LOGNAME* Login-username
SHELL* The name of the main shell