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VOIP: audiocodes mp-124 reset settings to default factory

for reset mp-124 to default factory need:

1) assure that the network cable (UTP-5) removed from the jack rj-45, otherwise nothing happens.

2) power on mp-124.

3) wait for the boot.

4) Paper clip or other thin subject to push the button being in a dimple on the front panel mp-124 and to wait for 6 seconds.

reset button on mp-124

5) power on mp-124.

6) goto with login Admin, pass: Admin

backup mp-124

Save the config with Audiocodes MediaPack 124 on the list of ip:

 day=`/bin/date "+%Y%m%d"`
 /bin/mkdir $home_dir;
 /bin/cat /home/alter/mp124ip.txt | /usr/bin/awk '{system("/usr/local/bin/curl --digest --url http://Admin:Admin@"$1"/FS/BOARD.ini>'$home_dir'/"$1".ini")}'

Create a text file mp124ip.txt and fill it with the principle of one-row 1 IP Address:

and etc...